YUMENO is a Japanese Restaurant and Bar located at West Shinjuku, where you will enjoy tasty Japanese Sake and Shochu, and also delicious Japanese cuisine.

We serve Seasonal Sake and Shochu brewed at many different areas in Japan. We also have small dishes of seasonal Japanese food that match perfectly with Sake and Shochu. Please visit us and experience the joy of our Japanese Sake, Shochu and Cuisine.

Profile of the owner

Norine Tanaka

She is the owner of YUMENO and Sake master*. She also is a Stage actress, modeling in TV commercials, and sometimes acting in TV dramas. Until a few years ago, she was the owner of an IT related company. In 2019, she had made a small step to have her own place where her favorite people and things would gather. She loves SAKE, People, Music, and Japanese taste. YUMENO is the place, where she gathered all of these and put her passion toward them. We would be so happy to share it with all the customers and we hope that everyone will enjoy the time spent at YUMENO.

*Sake Master, is also referred as a sommelier qualification for Sake. It is a sales and provision qualification including the ability to propose the best Sake for the customer.


Opening hours

Monday -Friday
Dinner 17:00〜23:00(L.O.22:00)

Saturday: Irregular holidays
Dinner 18:00〜22:00(L.O. 21:00)

Sundays and national holidays



If you order only beverages, there will be a table charge of 880yen (including three small snacks).


Seasonal Japanese Sake


Sake Tasting Set (Three different Sake of your favorite choice)



Shochu (Japanese distilled spirits of different kinds; made from potato, wheat, brown sugar, rice or millet. Okinawa liquor, Awamori, is also available.)
*Additional charge ¥55 for soda


Shochu Tasting Set (Three different Shochu of your favorite choice)



Draft Beer small (YEBISU)


Draft Beer large (YEBISU)


Bottled Beer ( Sapporo Lager )


Plum liquor

Coarsely strained plum liquor
*Additional charge for soda / on the rocks ¥55



Whisky and soda


Lemon sour cocktail (Shochu mixed with soda and lemon)


Shochu with Oolong Tea


Shochu with Green Tea


Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks


*All prices are tax included.

Course menu
Chef's Selected Course

6-7dishes of chef's choice



Prefix course

Assortment of appetizers + Sashimi + Choose two from Today's dishes



Light meal set

Assortment of appetizers + Choose one from Today's dishes



Course's menu

Assortment of appetizers

Today's Sashimi

Today's grilled fish

Today's boiled food or vegetable dish

Today's Meat dishes

Bukkake Udon(Cold Udon with soup, green onions and dried bonito flakes. Sesame seeds and ginger can be added to your liking.) or TKG(Steamed white rice with raw egg and various toppings)

※The picture is an example.

An a la carte menu avarable
Tofu Dishes

Chilled Tofu with Various Toppings


Warmed Tofu with shredded kelp


Cheese Dishes

Cheese with Iburigakko


Cream cheese and Shutō (seafood)


Deep-fried Tofu with Miso and Cheese


Korean Seaweed Gim with Cheese





Japanese Pickles


Rice & Noodles

Sanuki Bukkake Udon


Steamed white rice with raw egg and various toppings


*All prices are tax included.



Sake Bar YUMENO(夢乃)

Tel: +81-3-6304-5262

Address: Island Annex 106, 6-2-3 Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo

3 minutes’ walk from Nishi Shinjuku Station of Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line (Enter the alley between Shinjuku Police Station and McDonald's from Oume-Kaido Ave.)

8 minutes’ walk from JR Shinjuku Station (Take an escalator from in front of Odakyu Department Store and walk on the Pedestrian bridge for an easy walk)

5 minutes’ walk from Tochomae Station of Toei Oedo Line